Natural Agricultures

For the New AgriCultures

The Agrinova products are perfect for helping emerging agricultures to spread as much as possible.

Our products can help these true cultures of nature and of the earth:

  • organic farming
  • biodynamic farming
  • synergistic farming
  • social farming
  • natural farming
  • permaculture


The main feature of Zakandra wood chipper is the ability to cut any type of plant residue, dry or wet, up to a maximum diameter of 12 cm.


Zeltra is a robust, handy chipper, equipped with a hydraulic roller to facilitate the insertion of the material to be cut, and a cutting disc of 60 cm in diameter and a thickness of 2 cm.


Zeffira is the smallest wood chipper within the Agrinova range. It’s powerfull, compact and easy to move: is the perfect wood chipper for professional and private users


Bioshredder Zenia Evolution serie, the simple and reliable shredder for jobs in small farms and agritourism. Gardening and cleaning machines, robust, durable and made to last over time


Zara is conceived to shred fibrous material like the palm branches. Able to chip/shred any type of garden waste up to 7 cm in diameter.


The ideal machine for shredding pruning of your hedge, your fruit trees and your garden. Cutting performance up to 5,5 cm. A robust shredder for working in the garden and orchard, perfect for rentin

Agrinova Bioshredders/

Robust, high performing and made to last over time.
Discover our range of Shredders – chippers; perfect for professional use and for the most demanding hobbyists.

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