Otto - Vacuum for Truck Tailgate or Trailer

Otto is a tailgate mounted vacuum machine suitable to vacuum leaves, grass cuttings, small trash from roads, sidewalks, parks, car parks, and courtyard

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Technical Details

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Packaging size

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Single box: 80 x 75 h 87 cm.

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Animation 360°

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Otto is ideal to be mounted onto collection compactor vans, dedicated to urban hygiene, to efficiently clean public places after events (concerts, carnivals, markets)
Polyurethane hose for lightweight, flexibility and excellent wear resistance
Length: 5 mt
Hose diameter: 180 mm
Copper coiled to eliminate static charges

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    330 mm Diameter
  • 4 blades 4 mm thick

    The OT8 model, the impeller is connected directly to the motor shaft, while for the OT8 / H and OT8 / H2 models,  the transmission is belted

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Tie hook and lift handle:
Swivel arm hooked to the chassis frame designed to hold the suction pipe almost weightless for effortless operation


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Discharge: Adjustable deflector

360° swivel


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Special version: With special impeller to shred vacuumed material

Available only for the Honda models

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Tractor model (PTO):
To be connected to the 3 lifting points of 16 HP tractor at 540 rpm (16 or Higher)



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