Olga - Vacuum For Truck Tailgate or Trailer

OLGA is a tailgate mounted vacuum machine suitable to vacuum leaves, grass cuttings, small trash from roads, sidewalks, parks, car parks, campings and courtyards.

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OLGA is ideal to be mounted onto collection compactor vans, dedicated to urban hygiene, to efficiently clean public places after events (concerts, carnivals, markets), and camping

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The experience of Agrinova technical department will assist you with the best mounting solution to suit available vehicles.

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Safety Device: Limit switch to stop the impeller when the impeller shield is removed


Tie Hook and Lift Handle: Suitable for many types of tail gates (customizable on request)

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Single box cm 79 x 69 h 72
4 Box on a pallet : cm 140 x 80 h 160


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Truck lifter for Olga

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> More Optional Olga Vacuum Leaves

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