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Petrol leaf vacuum

Agrinova’s professional petrol-powered leaf vacuum is robust, incredibly powerful, suctions up everything and lasts over time.

The fact that it is not powered by an electric motor, but by petrol, facilitates movement and widens the field of operation as there will never be any hindrance in movements or the need for electric current to hand.
What’s really important is the handle of the motorised leaf vacuum which must not only be non-slip but must also distribute the weight correctly and not strain the shoulders and back.
We at Agrinova Italia produce various petrol vacuums such as the Oswald and Otto which already come with the integrated shredder that allows you to use the chopped leaves as fertiliser for your vegetable garden.
Furthermore, the Oswald and Oskar petrol-powered leaf vacuums have the option of mounting a blower to make them truly complete for your garden.

Outfitting of compacting vans
quickly collect the wood chips produced by our bioshredders/chippers vacuum and movement of wood chips in general ecological vehicles, urban hygiene
waste management: transportation, rammers, compactors
quick cleaning after big events (concerts, carnivals, demonstrations, markets, etc.)
for the cleaning of gardens, parks, roads and CONAI highways.

Our different models of professional leaf vacuums that meet any need are ideal for:

Powerful and versatile petrol-powered leaf vacuum: Olysse

Debris loader

Leaf vacuum Olga

Leaf vacuum Otto

Petrol-powered leaf vacuum on wheels

Our Oswald and Oskar models can be fitted with an option to transform them into petrol blowers.

Leaf vacuums Oswald

Leaf vacuums Oskar

Leaf vacuums Oswald/Oskar

The video of our professional petrol-powered leaf vacuums


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