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Leaf vacuums / Vacuums /
vacuums for handling wood chips professional

Powerful And Resistant Leaf Vacuums Robust, incredibly powerful, they vacuum EVERYTHING and are made to last over time

Perfect for:
  • outfitting of compacting vans

  • quickly collect the wood chips produced by our bioshredders/chippers

  • vacuum and movement of wood chips in general

  • ecological vehicles, urban hygiene

  • waste management: transportation, rammers, compactors

  • quick cleaning after big events (concerts, carnivals, demonstrations, markets, etc.)

  • for the cleaning of gardens, parks, roads and CONAI highways



Leaf vacuum tailgate mounted
Agrinova's professional petrol-powered leaf vacuum is robust, incredibly powerful, suctions up everything and lasts over time. The fact that it is not powered by an electric motor, but by petrol, facilitates movement and widens the field of operation as there will never be any hindrance in movements or the need for electric current to hand.

Wood chip aspiration:
The Olysse vacuum for handling wood chips

The Olysse vacuum, as well as for vacuuming leaves and light waste, can also be used for handling wood chips. 

Its remarkable suction capacity is used to move large quantities of wood chips from one area to another.

Our experience refers to customers who needed to move wood chips from their suppliers’ containers to their storage room.

Speed up operations

Using Olysse simplifies and speeds up otherwise tiring and expensive operations.

Movement takes place through the pipe connected to the machine which loads from one container and moves it to the other. The performance of the machine means being able to move up to 13 cubic meters of wood chips (the tests were performed with chestnut wood), equal to 32 quintals of material.

These machines are ideal for wood chip producers and traders, and owners of wood chip boilers.

Tailgate mounted Vacuum Machines


OLGA is a tailgate mounted vacuum machine suitable to vacuum leaves, grass cuttings, small trash from roads, sidewalks, parks, car parks, campings and courtyards


Otto isa tailgate mounted vacuum machine which already come with the integrated shredder that allows you to use the chopped leaves as fertiliser for your vegetable garden.

Petrol-powered leaf vacuums on wheels



Aerators - Scarifiers

Robust, high performing and made to last over time

Pushed, self-propelled or towed, they regenerate lawns to perfection, eliminating moss and felt.

Care for green spaces

To ensure regeneration and greening of the turf, in spring and autumn, it is advisable to remove the excess felt and to score the surface layer of the soil vertically. This operation guarantees correct oxygenation of the lawn and is carried out with the aerator (also called scarifier).

Trust in expert producers

For over 25 years Agrinova has specialised in the production of these products


Power Rakes Jeremy 70 cm-95 cm. Gardening and cleaning machines, handlers and made to last in time


Power rakes Jurgen 45-60 cm, perfect for rental


Power Rake JEFF 38-45 cm Line PRO SUMER
Products for demanding hobbystis.For more than 25 years Agrinova has listened to the needs of those who take care of their own land. Thanks to this experience has found unique solutions to meet the needs of different types of lawn


Self propelled variable speed power Rakes
Line dedicated to landscapers and maintainers. For more than 25 years Agrinova has listened to the needs of those who take care of their own land.

Agrinova Bioshredders/

Robust, high performing and made to last over time.
Discover our range of Shredders – chippers; perfect for professional use and for the most demanding hobbyists.


The main feature of Zakandra wood chipper is the ability to cut any type of plant residue, dry or wet, up to a maximum diameter of 12 cm.


Zeltra is a robust, handy chipper, equipped with a hydraulic roller to facilitate the insertion of the material to be cut, and a cutting disc of 60 cm in diameter and a thickness of 2 cm.


Zeffira is the smallest wood chipper within the Agrinova range. It’s powerfull, compact and easy to move: is the perfect wood chipper for professional and private users


Bioshredder Zenia Evolution serie, the simple and reliable shredder for jobs in small farms and agritourism. Gardening and cleaning machines, robust, durable and made to last over time


Zara is conceived to shred fibrous material like the palm branches. Able to chip/shred any type of garden waste up to 7 cm in diameter.


The ideal machine for shredding pruning of your hedge, your fruit trees and your garden. Cutting performance up to 5,5 cm. A robust shredder for working in the garden and orchard, perfect for rentin

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