Max cutting diametre 5,5 cm


Perfect for the chipping of prunning of palms, olive trees, hegde, fruits trees, and of the hort


Zoe belt is the chipper for chipping prunning up 5,5 cm diametre.Available engines are 5,5 and 6,5 hp (B&S and Honda)
The cutting system is perfect for working with edge and fruit trees prunning, such as hort garbage.

This model was projected for domestic uses, but has the same constructing philosophy of Agrinova professional machines,
Wheels are large and made of full rubb, the handle helps the easy moovment and the machines was projected respecting strictly the safety instructions.

The dimensions are contained, and can be easily transported even on the trunk of small cars Zoe has no plastic parts, that can easily broke (as many domestics shredders)

For all these reasons Zoe is perfect for the renting too.

Cutting systems

2 models are available : the standard one, and the one for green prunning.


Standard Cutting system: On a 6 mm thick disc, two hardened front knives of 10 cm in length are mounted. On the back there are eight hammers that deflate the material and accelerate the decomposition process.


Cutting system for green prunning :

For the chipping of very leafy prunning


In the vicinity of the discharge chamber is fixed a sieve, which has the function of adjusting the size and homogeneity of the size of wood chips. You can choose to open manually, without tools, to maximize productivity.

Large hopper opening :

Wide material discharge: With this size you can also download the material inside a box

Safety :

The operation of maintenance of the cutting system is possible in full safety , thanks to the microswitch that allow the opening of the chippers only when knieves are stopped

Transmission system by belt :

This system protect engine, so the machine has long life.


Easy to moove with the handle. The chipper weight 60 kg

Easy storage:

Thanks to the compact design.



Zoe in action

Always at your disposal

You can count on a "person to person" service to find the solution you are looking for

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