Zenia Chipper for small farms and rural residence.. And not only

 7 cm max cutting diametre


Perfect for olive prunning chipping


Zenia is the perfect model for chipping prunning up to 7 cm diametre, It can be equipped with B&s or Honda engine : motors 9 or 13 hp.

PTO tractors version is available (for tractors minimum 16 hp, 540 rpm) The large pneumatic wheels allow to work in rural/agricultural areas, Zenia is equipped by fenders.

The cutting system can shreed fruit trees prunnings, olives prunning and wood.

Cutting system :

On a front disc of 36 cm in diameter and 10 mm thick, 2 16 cm long knives are mounted, which provide a first reduction in material to be crushed. At the rear, two sets of hammers, 12 in total, are mounted, which have the function of deflecting and further reducing the material to be crushed. Two blades placed on the back of the cutting disc have the function of creating air and push the shredded material out of the machine through the tube.

Discharge chute – wide and turnable

Standard and optional discharge tube


By hand

Towed by tractors

Zenia PTO (for tractors) Chipper for small farms and not only

Zenia is available in PTO version (for tractors)
For tractors of minimum 16 hp (540 rpm)


Zenia Pto with optional discharge

Zenia Pto with standard discharge

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Zenia in action

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