Max cutting Diametre : 11 cm


Also for fibrous material cutting
(such as palm prunning)



Zeltra is a professional chipper, suitable for users looking for lean and easily movable machines.

The main feature of Zeltra is the cutting system: a disc of special steel 60 cm diametre, 20 mm thickness, 2 frontal knives with a thickness of 10 mm.

With this model you can obtain a perfect chipping, with speed time and no difficults (for fibrous material chipping too).

> Cutting system:

Hydraulic feeding roller :

This toothed steel roller is placed inside the hopper and carries every kind of vegetable waste automatically towards the citting system.

Feeding hopper :

For an easy introducting of prunnings in the chipper, we projected a wide feeding hooper : 700 x 520 mm

No-Stress device

This electronic device that automatically adjust the hydraulic roller, helping and simplifying its operation. Thereby the machine increases the life of the engine by preventing overloads and sudden interruptions.

The Agrinova ANTI-STRESS control is an electronic device that automatically adjusts the operation of the hydraulic feed roller aiding and simplifying the work with the machine, thereby, increasing the life of the engine and machine in general by preventing overloads and blocks sudden.

During operation with ANTI-STRESS activated the feed roller is placed in rotation or stopped depending on the load of the machine.
The ANTI-STRESS system could be deactivated with the relative switch on the side of the control. With the system turned off the machine will behave like a manual-type machine where the feed roller is controlled by the position of the safety bar.

However in every conditions the roller operation such as forward , stop and reverse continues to be driven by safety bar.

360 ° turnable discarge tube


New Optional  Discarge mod BIO9060


The Zeltra Shredder measures with the new Optional discharge curve


Moovment :

Cutting system easy to maintain :


A opening door on the top of the cutting handle allows quick access to the cutting system, minimizing the invertion time and allowing the operator to work comfortable and safetly.

Sieve for chip measure regulation

Zeltra can be equipped with a particular sieve that allows to graduate the shredded output in order to obtain chips of an ideal size for the purposes of supply of many Biomass Heating Systems.

Zeltra whoodchipper for tractor

Zeltra is avaiable for TRACTROS with PTO For tractors with minumum power 20 hp (540 rpm) (540 rpm)

Gallery Zeltra

Video of Zeltra

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