Max cutting 8.5 cm diametre


Perfect for olives prunning chipping


Zeffira is a chipper for professional use, suitable to be used by professionals looking for high performance machines but easily maneuver and light weight.

The main salient characteristic of Zeffira is the manageability combined with an excellent cutting system.

Very appreciated by gardeners who choose to shred pruning directly in the gardens where they do maintenance, also because it is convenient to load and unload from the vans

Cutting system

Zeffira Wood Chippers are equipped with a cutting system composed by a metal disc having a thickness of 10 mm and a diameter of 38 cm on which are mounted, at the front, two blades carrying out an initial reduction of the material to be shredded; while in the back are mounted two set of hammers, 12 in total, which have the function of pulping and further reduce the material to be chipped, In the rear part are also mounted some pallets which create air to push the shredded material out of the machine through the discharge tube.

Hydraulic feeding roller

This is a 170 mm toothed steel roller placed at the end of the hopper and just before the cutting system. Its function is to drag the material to be crushed from the hopper to the cutting system.

Infeed hopper :

For obtaing an easy feeding of the prunning, we projected a big feeding hopper (700 x 520). Very good for olives prunning too.

No stress device (Opzional)

This electronic device that automatically adjust the hydraulic roller, helping and simplifying its operation. Thereby the machine increases the life of the engine by preventing overloads and sudden interruptions.

The Agrinova ANTI-STRESS control is an electronic device that automatically adjusts the operation of the hydraulic feed roller aiding and simplifying the work with the machine, thereby, increasing the life of the engine and machine in general by preventing overloads and blocks sudden.

During operation with ANTI-STRESS activated the feed roller is placed in rotation or stopped depending on the load of the machine.
The ANTI-STRESS system could be deactivated with the relative switch on the side of the control. With the system turned off the machine will behave like a manual-type machine where the feed roller is controlled by the position of the safety bar.

However in every conditions the roller operation such as forward , stop and reverse continues to be driven by safety bar.

360 ° turnable discarge tube

Optional discharge curve

Moovment :

Double belt transmission system with central centrifugal clutch :

Zaffira for TRACTORS

Zeffira is available for TRACTORS with PTO

For tractors with minumum power 20 hp (540 rpm)

Gallery fotografica biotrituratore Zeffira

Zeffira biotrituratore in azione: il video