ZARA Chipper for demanding hobbistics

 Cutting max diametre 8,5 cm


Perfect for the chipping of prunning of palms, olive trees, hegde, fruits trees, and of the hort


The Zara model is the ideal grinder for those who need to shred pruning up to 7 cm in diameter. For wood and palm too The engines available for this model are 9 hp (B & S and Honda).

The cutting system is very effective, it is ideal for shredding woody prunings, with many leaves (including the olive tree), and also fibrous like the palm.

The wheels are of good quality, and the impregnation placed on the hopper facilitates the movements, Zara has no plastic parts that could break, as happens with many household shredders.

Cutting system: 

High quality cutting rotor: a 376-mm cutting disk is provided with 4 plates to generate the necessary airflow to discharge the chipped material. It is equipped with 2 cutting blades, bade of the same high-quality material used for all the Agrinova machines. The heat treatments of the knives provide the necessary wear resistance and produce a neat cut on all types of materials. Dry, green garden waste as well fibrous palm tree branches.


It is at the base of the output port and designed to provide homogeneous finished product.

Motor protected by belt transmission:

The double V belt provides the necessary traction to the cutting disk and at the same time act as a shock absorber to the motor main shaft in the event the garden waste gets stuck during operation


Wide opening hopper : 350 x 490 mm.  You can easily introduce, from a single opening, even very leafy pruning, without the need to thin it.

Mooving :

Easy to moove with handlig and quality wheels.

Pulling handle OPTIONALS

For towing with small tractors : pulling handle and wheels.

Available version for tractors ZARA PTO

Per trattori a partire da 16 Hp

Video taglio legno:

Video taglio palma:

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