Max cutting Diametre : 12 cm

Also for fibrous material cutting
(such as palm prunning)

Zakandra is the unique Agrinova’s model equipped by drum cutting system. The drum system allows to shred all types of plant residues including the particularly fibrous material such as the palms.
Zakandra is suitable to be used to reduce the volume of pruning, and also to prepare the wood chips to feed many biomass boilers.
The drum is a cylindrical cutting system equipped with 2 parallel rows of blades (2 blades in each row)

Through the lever placed at the entrance of the loading hopper it is possible to vary the rotation of the roller speed as well as to block or reverse the motion.
The drum system (diameter 400 mm) allows to shred all types of plant residues including the particularly fibrous material such as the palms

Photos of drum cutting system for Zakandra


Videos of Zakandra

Presentation .. watch the video

Working with prunning .. watch the video

Working with olives prunning .. watch the video

Chipping palms prunning .. watch the video



>Other features of Zakandra

Photos of fully hardened stell knives

Thickness 11 mm

Long 17 cm


> Exhaust-clogging system

Zakandra features a considerable size of the exhaust system that is maintained large for all its extension, thus avoiding bottlenecks of the material in the outlet.

Thanks also to the large volume of air generated by the rotation of the cutting system, the machine is able to easily download almost all types of shredded material even if particularly wet or leafy, minimizing or eliminating the clogging and the machine stops.

Easy of access to the chipper cutting unit :

Zakandra has been designed so that it is possible to access with extreme ease and speed to all those parts which normally require maintenance in particular to the cutting system and the mechanisms of transmission.


Sieve for chip measure regulation

Zakandra can be equipped with a particular sieve that allows to graduate the shredded output in order to obtain chips of an ideal size for the purposes of supply of many Biomass Heating Systems.

setaccio zakandra biotrituratore cippatore

> 360° rotating chute :

The discharge curve of Zakandra is characterized by the possibility of being rotated by 360 ° thus allowing to direct the jet of the shredded without having to move the machine body. The discharge curve reaches a height from the ground of 192 cm, this allows to download directly shredding on a truck.

OPTIONAL : On request it can be produced a raised discharge curve that reaches a height of 215 cm from the ground, more than enough height for download inside containers with raised sides.



> Wide infeed hopper

One of the most important feature of Zakandra is the wide feed hopper :

In the design of the hopper particular attention has bee paid to ergonomics. Indeed, the hopper remains large even at the cutting point, so that the machine is able to shred particularly leafy materials, such as olive trees pruning, avoiding blockages and allowing grinding of large quantities of material for each load. This leads to a significant reduction of working times.

The infeed hopper is produced in a standard version that measures 69 cm in width and 55 cm in height.

The OPTIONAL version “TL” (WIDER INFEED HOPPER) is It is also produced in a large version that measure 120 cm width and 88 cm height.

A NEW «SAVE SPACE» version of hopper is in progress



«SAVE SPACE» Hoper in progress


It is an electronic device that automatically adjust the hydraulic roller, helping and simplifying its operation. Thereby the machine increases the life of the engine by preventing overloads and sudden interruptions.

The Agrinova ANTI-STRESS control is an electronic device that automatically adjusts the operation of the hydraulic feed roller aiding and simplifying the work with the machine, thereby, increasing the life of the engine and machine in general by preventing overloads and blocks sudden.

During operation with ANTI-STRESS activated the feed roller is placed in rotation or stopped depending on the load of the machine.
The ANTI-STRESS system could be deactivated with the relative switch on the side of the control. With the system turned off the machine will behave like a manual-type machine where the feed roller is controlled by the position of the safety bar.

However in every conditions the roller operation such as forward , stop and reverse continues to be driven by safety bar.

> Gallery photos Zakandra :

Zakandra whoodchipper for tractor

Zakabdra is avaiable for TRACTROS with PTO For tractors with minumum power 30 hp (540 rpm) 

Videos of Zakandra

Prentation .. watch the video

Working with prunning .. watch the video

Working with olives prunning .. watch the video

Chipping palms prunning .. watch the video



> Zakandra at work:  videos


Zakandra on hydraulic feeding roller

Al lavoro con le potature

Con l'olivo

Con la palma

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