Models Zakandra, Zeltra e Zeffirazakandra agrinova biotrituratore cippatore gallery prodotto 3are equipped with «Hydraulic feeding roller» that carries every kind of vegetable waste automatically towards the cutting system.
This is a «toothed steel roller» placed inside the hopper.
The toothed roller takes power from a hydraulic circuit consisting of a variable capacity hydraulic pump (made in USA) and by a hydraulic motor 250 cc. It is a very compact and simple circuit that has as main characteristic the fact of requiring a small oil reservoir, maximizing efficiency and environmental impact.
Through the lever placed at the entrance of the loading hopper it is possible to vary the rotation of the roller speed as well as to block or reverse the motion.
You can quickly and easily lock the roller is very important in physical danger situations for the operator as well as in all those situations risk of damage of the machine: insertion of material not suitable to be shredded (iron, stones, etc.), the machine jam.

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