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Here you will find all Agrinova products for your business

Agrinova wood chippers

Discover the range of Agrinova wood chippers perfect for green professionals and for the most demanding hobbyists

Zakandra wood chipper

Cutting capacity up to 12 cm: our top of the range

Zeltra wood chipper

Cutting capacity up to 11 cm: the new arrival

Zeffira wood chipper

Cutting capacity up to 8.5 cm: powerful and handy

Zenia bio shredder

Cutting capacity up to 6.5 cm: minimum size with the maximum production capacity

Zoe bio shredder line

Cutting capacity up to 5.5 cm: Perfect for hobbyists and also available with electric motor

Rollers for every need

For preparation of perfect turf: compaction and distribution of seeds


composter bin

For making good compost from residual moisture, vegetable scraps ideal to collect the chips of our shredders.

Our mills

For the production of flour and food for animals from the raw materials of your choice

To great water saving

Save your water bill and help the environment...
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Always at your disposal

You can count on a "person to person" service to find the solution you are looking for

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