Zara – Bio Shredder PTO Tractor

Zara Bio Shredder is also available for tractor starting from 16 Hp: it’s a solid well-designed machine to last in time.
A powerful chipping/shredding machine to clean big volumes of green in small gardens, conceived to shred fibrous material like the palm branches.

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able to chip/shred any type of garden waste up to 7 cm in diameter. Great performance with dry, green branches and fibrous material like the palm tree branches.

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it is at the base of the output port and designed to provide homogeneous finished product

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Bio Shredder Zara Technical Details

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> Large feeding hopper

To accept bushy garden waste and large amount of foliage. The feeding hopper is designed with a unique angle to the cutting blade to produce an auto-feeding effect, with least operator intervention
Cutting diameter: up to 7 cm (~3 inches)

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> High Discharge

The discharge chute is sufficiently high to discharge the chipped material into a small trailer. A convenient mobile end plate deflector, will direct the discharged material to the most convenient area

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> High Quality Cutting Rotor

a 376-mm cutting disk is provided with 4 plates to generate the necessary airflow to discharge the chipped material. It is equipped with 2 cutting blades, bade of the same high-quality material used for all the Agrinova machines. The heat treatments of the knives provide the necessary wear resistance and produce a neat cut on all types of materials. Dry, green garden waste as well fibrous palm tree branches.

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> Easy Maintenance

Designed to easily access to the cutting disk by removing a minimum number of bolts.


> Motor protected by belt transmission

The double V belt provides the necessary traction to the cutting disk and at the same time act as a shock absorber to the motor main shaft in the event the garden waste gets stuck during operation

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> Great mobility

Two 26 cm puncture proof wheels, provide the necessary mobility to move Zara on ant type of terrain.

Handling: designed with the necessary reinforcements to keep the total weight low, without compromising durability. A characteristic that makes Zara very easy to handle

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> Pulling handle

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Technical Specification

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Download technical tab PDF

Download Zara Brochure

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Zara Packaging Size

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Box on a pallet 95 x 64 x 138h (cm)

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Animation 360°

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