The details make the difference of Agrinova machines:

• The metal thickness of the shell
• The types of bearings
• The type of belts
• The type of steel chosen to produce the cutting knives
• Heat treatments to make them as strong and sharp as long as possible
• Machines designed to last in time

Agrinova knows that every lawn is different and should be treated according to its needs, so the scarifiers that it produce offer a wide variety of cutting systems.

For more than 25 years Agrinova has listened to the needs of those who take care of their own land.

The know-how gained over many years of experience and comparison with the gardening sector experts led to the development of different working systems, which allow us to treat with maximum efficiency any kind of lawn.

Thanks to this experience has found unique solutions to meet the needs of different types of lawn.


Line dedicated to landscapers and maintainers

• The self propelled system allows easy and speed turf care. The operator only drive for overcrossing climbs and slopes
• Varaible speed allows :

√ Adapting the detacher to the turf to maintaining
√ Speed movements between 2 areas
√ Easy loading on transport means


Cutting system

Rotor shaft with flail/fixed blades

Choice of blades thickness: 2,5 mm as standard, 1,2 mm on demand for blade step 30 mm or 40 mm

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System that allow:
• Verticutting: Performs a number of cuts on the ground up to a recommended depth of up to 3 cm, but suggest maximun 0,5 cm
• Removing the moss by touching the ground. This system is referred FLOATING because even if the impact blades against some of the typical gardens obstacle (superficial roots of plants, heads of sprinklers, curbs, etc ..) will not be damaged, because they rotate on their own center and return to their working position thanks To centrifugal force rising from rotation at 3000 rpm)

Shaft with fixed blades


Choice of blade thickness: 2,5 mm (as standard), 1,2 mm (on demand) for blade step 30 mm or 40 mm

Verticutting is literally vertical cutting, the operation of creating perfectly precise and rigid grooves on the grass. Grass roots will be cut off without being ripped off and without damage.
The groove will have a constant depth and, if properly registered by the operator, is 0,3 cm to 0,5 cm, perfect for oxygenating the soil.

Shaft with springs and flial blades

Cod AL610 : 18 flail blades 2.5 mm + 36 springs

Often on the lawn there are accumulations of moss and thatch, due to the stagnation of water, to the constant presence of moss left on the ground using the mulching system. Before grinding the grass roots and the first layer of soil, it is necessary to clean the thatch sheet. You must comb the grass layer with soft tips as they are of a spring.

However, as a result of a high speed operation, with a considerable amount of power available from the engine, it is necessary to give stiffness to the cutting system by spacing the springs with moving knives. This prevents the system from pushing too much on the springs, avoiding the resulting breakage.

This type of cutting system requires little power to the engine, and must be performed at the lowest possible speeds

Construction details

Tires : 4 tires 280 mm diametre , 100 mm wide

Adjusting levers :
1 for blades engaging
1 for self propelling
1 for speed regulation

Chassis 4 mm thickness

Speed regulation : The variation of speed is obtained through axial shifting of central pulley driven by a self-lubricating bush.

Differential system obtained with freewheel sprocket and chain drive

Good stability thanks central position of engine

Heavy duty gear boxes

Cast iron support bearings with grease nipple for quick disassembly of the cutting shaft

Cutting depth regulation in 11 positions

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