Otto PROline (OT8)

OTTO truck loader  is the ideal machines for cleaning large areas such as parks, public gardens, streets cleaning them from the leaves and all the light waste that can be found in such places as papers, cans, bottles, etc.
OTTO truck loader  is designed to be easily attached to any side of the truck and to download the dirt directly into the bed.
All models of OTTO series are easy to use as well as solid and sturdy built to endure long and continuous working sessions with very low maintenance costs


  • Lateral handles for helping to lift the machine
  • Hose-holder bar
  • Polyurethane hose 180mm with antistatic copper IUD
  • OPTIONAL: conversion kit for blower (AS407) - (for OT8 - OT8 / H)
  • Impeller with 4 x 4 mm radial steels blades
  • Scrolls obtained by pressing 2 mm sheet metal
  • directional discharge chute


  • single box: cm 79x69 h 72
  • pallet composed by 4 boxes: cm 140x80 h 160

Watch OTTO Proline in action


The impeller is the heart of the machine It has a diameter of 330 mm and is equipped with 4 steel blades with a thickness of 4 mm.
In verisioni OT16, OT16 / H and OT8 the fan is connected directly to the motor shaft, while in OT8 / H versions OT8 / H2 is the transmission belt.
The versions with belt drive can be fitted with a special impellers able to shred the leaves.

Shredding impeller

The machines with  belt drive (models OT 8 / H and OT / H2) can be fitted an impeller able to shred leaves

Vacuum hose

Otto truck loaders are all provided equipped with a suction tube made of polyurethane with a length of 5 meters and the diameter of 18 cm.
We chose the polyurethane tube with copper spiral because it has a good abrasion resistance, but mainly because it is very light and flexible, facilitating  the work of operators.

OT8 dettaglio tubo

Adjustable discharge chute

In OT8 versions (Proline) the discharge can be rotated by 360 degrees.

In OT16 versions (Prosumer series) the discharge is fixed.

OT8 dettaglio curva girevole

Hose-holder bar with covered chain

Otto proline Truck Loaders are equipped with hose-holder bar: this particular consists of a swivel arm coupled to the machine frame that has the purpose of supporting the suction pipe is thus relieving the operator of the weight and resulting very convenient for those who use the machine for long work sessions


Lateral handles

Otto Truck loaders  are equipped with lateral handles for helping to lift the machine.

OT8 dettaglio maniglie

Otto vacuum cleaners for tractor PTO


Example assembly on road trailer

montaggio carrello stradale

[VIDEO] - Watch Otto connected to a tractor in action

[VIDEO] - Otto is an aspirator to be applied to wagons and vans to easily collect grass clippings.


EngineB&S Vanguard 10 hpHonda Gx270Honda GX390Honda Gx270Honda GX390PTO
Starting systemrecoilrecoilrecoilrecoilrecoilPTO
Impeller Diameter330 mm330 mm330 mm330 mm330 mm330 mm
Blades thicknes4 mm4 mm4 mm4 mm4 mm4 mm
Shredding impellernononosisino
Replaceable steel wear linersnononononono
Safety microswitchsisisisisisi
Impeller materialgalvanized steelgalvanized steelgalvanized steelgalvanized steelgalvanized steelgalvanized steel
Transmissiondirect/no beltbeltbeltbeltbeltbelt
Hose materialpolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethanepolyurethane
Hose lenght5 mt5 mt5 mt5 mt5 mt5 mt
Hose diameter18 cm18 cm18 cm18 cm18 cm18 cm
Hose supportyesyesyesyesyesyes
Adjustable rotating Exhaustyes 360°yes 360°yes 360°yes 360°yes 360°yes 360°
Weight97 kg105 kg105 kg115 kg120 kg120 kg

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