Oswald Vacuum Cleaner have been designed to meet the requirements of people wanting to clean large gardens full of leaves, but, given its structural specifications, It can also be used for cleaning parks and large areas. In facr, other than leaves, It can also suck up cans, waste paper, ect.

The distinguishing features of these machines are their self-propulsion system, which allows you to work effortlessly, even on sloped terrains, and top-loading of the sack to ensure that It filled completely.

Oswald Vacuum Cleaner is provided with an extensive selection of 4 stroke motors, and It can be supplemented and coverted using a series of kits and optional extras.


Oswald Vacuum Cleaner


  • Handly and lightweight
  • Great suction power
  • Total filling the bag
  • Made with high quality materials> great strength and durability
  • Transmission with differential: greater maneuverability
  • suction height adjustment on 6 levels
  • wide range of optional
oswald aspirafoglie soffiatore spazzola agrinova macchina agricoltura giardinaggio foto lato vantaggi

Suction nozzle


girante aspiratore soffiatore oswald

Working height adjustment

Frontal brush

Leaf shredder impeller

Loading the top of of the vacuums bag

One of the winning elements of Oswald for the reduction of working time is the load from the top of the collected leaves. You'll have the security of always fill the bag completely.

Widen the operating range of Oswald

Hose vacuum Kit

With one simple operation the front suction opening can be dismantled from the machine and the suction tube inserted. With this appliance, awkward spots such as flowerbeds, steps, manhole covers, the bottoms of trees with low-hanging branches can be reached.

Oswald follows you everywhere


The differential is used in this model to increase manoeuvrability: when steering, the right and left-hand wheels can turn at different speeds.

Frontal swivel wheel

Maximum control and maneuverability on compact soil

Frontal swivel wheel

Maximum control and maneuverability on compact soil

Gravel Kit

Pushing the machine across yards that are not that are not paved, on porphyry or on gravel could get tricky. With this pneumatic tyred wheel you can get over small steps and uneven terrain.

Large collection capacity for all types of material

Oswald can mount three bags of different characteristics to collect all types of material that you meet in your work: dry, wet and intermediate

Bag for dry leaves

Bag for wet leaves

Disposable bag kit

This kit allows you to gather the leaves sucked up directly into a disposable, biodegradable bag.

  • 10 pcs biodegradable-paper bag
  • special 
  • special discharge hose

Bag holder

When working on slopes or when the material sucked up is very heavy, the centre of gravity of the machine - with the sack full - moves backwards and the front section could lift up. With the base of the sack resting on this trolley the problem is solved.

Oswald in blower mode

With the conversion kit in no time you can turn this machine into a powerful blower and use it in all those operations where it is needed this operating mode.

Fix blower

Hose blower

Oswald comes in several models fitted with the best engines on the market

Always at your disposal

You can count on a "person to person" service to find the solution you are looking for

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