Olysse is designed to be installed on the rear wall of a truck of medium and large size.

Olysse is commonly used by companies that deal with the cleaning of the city, urban green areas, parking, motorway rest areas.

Each company has its own power and its own equipment and therefore different needs. Agrinova is able to supply very quickly and at competitive costs tailored solutions to meet your needs.

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Video of Olysse

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  • Designed for medium and heavy-duty work
  • Ease to use
  • Briggs & Stratton 18hp for a great vacuum power
  • Very large working radius (length suction pipe up to 10 meters)
  • It can be equipped with humidification kit to reduce dust
  • adjustable, pivoting deflector
  • solid and durable construction
  • directional curve

Main technical features

  • Number of blades: 6
  • Impeller diameter: 400 mm
  • Thickness of the blades: 10 mm
  • Diameter of suction pipe: 200 mm
  • Ø400mm fan - 6 10mm thick blades
  • Length of the suction hose: 5 meters
  • Two adjustable support in length
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton Vanguard twin-cylinder 18 HP

Package dimensions:

  • for 1 machine cm 123 x 80 x h 115 (pallet included)
  • Weight: 170 Kg 
aspirafoglie Olysse vista laterale

Watch Olysse in action

Clean rubbish dump with Olysse

Main features



Twin-belt transmission, with centrifugal clutch

girante acciaio olysse aspirafoglie da sponda agrinova macchine agricoltura giardinaggio


The impeller is made entirely of steel, with welded blades, having 10 mm thickness.

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You can count on a "person to person" service to find the solution you are looking for

Humidifier Kit

Olysse could be equipped with an humidifier kit with a nozzle, spraying water, reduces dust output from the exhaust significantly improving working conditions for operators.

nebulizzatore abbatti polvere olysse aspirafoglie da sponda agrinova macchine agricoltura giardinaggio
tubo aspirazione spirale rame antistatica olysse aspirafoglie da sponda agrinova macchine agricoltura giardinaggio

Vacuum hose

5 meters long but can optionally also be required by 10 meters. The material is polyurethane with a spiral copper antistatic. The sleeve is equipped with a wheel and a side lever that makes it easy to use.

Safety microswitch

To dismount the suction pipe in the maximum safety for the operator. Indeed, it is compulsory rotate a knob connected to a microswitch that prevents the machine to work if it is not inserted the suction tube; this makes it impossible to touch with your hands the impeller.

kit disassemblaggio con microinterruttore

The anchoring system

The design of the mounting system and frame on the vehicle side adapts to all situations and allows you to run machine in ideal conditions.

Replaceable steel wear liners

Inside the intake system is fitted a replaceable steel wear liners, very robust and quick to replace

Olysse on road trailer


 Olysse could be mounted on a street chassis that allows you to travel on public highways and wherever it is needed to have the car on a separate and independent mobile support.


Example assembly on road trailer

montaggio carrello stradale


Hydraulic lift

It is possible to have a fork lift truck, equipped with a hydraulic jack that allows you to place Olysse above the truck safely shore.

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Olysse is driven by a  B & S Vanguard V-TWIN 18HP (13.4 kW) electric starter.


Engine Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 18 hp bicilindrico
Starting system electric
Impeller Diameter 400 mm
Blades 6
Blades thickness 1 cm
Replaceable steel wear liners yes
Safety microswitch yes
Impeller material galvanized steel
Transmission double belts
Clutch Centrifugal clutch
Adjustable Rotating Exhaust yes 360°
Hose material polyurethane
Hose lenght 5 mt
Hose diameter 20 cm
Hose holder bar yes
Weight 170 kg
Humidifier kit yes
Hydraulic forklift yes

Always at your disposal

You can count on a "person to person" service to find the solution you are looking for

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