Jurgen scarifier - power rake 45 cm

Jurgen scarifier - power rake 60 cm

The power rake dedicated to professionals with working widths of 45 and 60 cm.


Screw-operated depth adjustement
Rotor shaft with belt drive system on bearings
Rotor shaft on bearing with steel support
Shaft with mobile blades
Standard thickness blades: 2,5 mm / 1,2 mm optional
Wheels with metal hubs (optional)


When the accumulation of the compact dried grass layer becomes excessive, it grass protection function is reduced and restricts its oxygen input, its irrigation and root fertilization preventing chlorophyl photosynthesis: and this leaves the grass look yellow and exposed to disease and parasites. The Agrinova range of verticuts, help to restore the natural grass barriers, excess comact dried grass layer is removed, and the topsoil is broken up, and a new area for grass resowing is created, the cut grass is removed and can be collected into sacks (supplied as optionals). 

col sottili ari00001 The number of movable knives in standard versions of our aerators varies depending on the machine's working width:

- No. 33 knives for models from 45 cm Working (pitch 40 mm)
- No. 42 knives for models from 60 cm Working (pitch 40 mm)

It is  possible on request of our customers to fit a larger number of knives for those who want to make a more intensive work on the ground to air:

- No. 45 knives for models from 45 cm working (step 30 mm)
- No.57 knives for models from 60 cm Working (step 30 mm)


Blade support shaft

Shaft with mobile blades

Agrinova's are equipped as standard with a rotor shaft with moving blades. The system with movable blades is the most requested, durable and effective in aeration operations. Limit the maximum possible failure of the machine caused by stones, particularly hard roots, etc.

alb col mob ari00001


Shaft with fixed blades

The first alternative to the movable blade system is the rotor shaft with fixed knives. Also in this case the number of the blades varies depending on the working width of the machine on which is mounted:

- No. 15 knives for models from 45 cm working (step 40 mm)

- No. 19 knives for models from 60 cm working (step 30 mm)



Shaft with springs and knives

It is a shaft on which are mounted two thirds of springs and a third of mobile knives.

This type of tree is suitable for those who must make a less invasive work on only removal of the thatch grass surface and not of Verticutting.

Check out all the features of Jurgen push scarifier

Wheels with metal hubs and double ball-bearings

Solid wheels with metal bearings; They are ideal for rental and for professionals who make extensive use of the machine.

ruote metaliche su cuscinetti arieggiatore a spinta agrinova

Cast iron bearings with grease

The cast iron bearings with grease guarantee reliability and durability.

Screw-operated depth adjustement

Cut depth can be adjusted unblocking the treaded rod on the axis of front wheels and screwing or unscrewing the rod with the height adjustment knob (up to 25-30 mm with unworn blades)

Regolazione profondità di lavoro a vite (fino a 25-30 mm a coltelli non usurati) Con i nostri arieggiatori è possibile fare sia verticutting (incidere il terreno) sia scarificare (rimuovere il feltro) quindi regolando la profondità in modo che il coltello penetri nel terreno per non più di 5 mm (profondità consigliata dagli esperti) praticheremo il verticutting mentre rimanendo radenti al terreno senza scalfirlo rimuoveremo solamente il feltro praticando così la scarificazione.

Oscillating front wheel axle

Oscillating front wheel axle for perfect adherence to the ground,

sistema di regolazione oscillante arieggiatore a spinta jurgen agrinova

Rotor shaft with belt drive system on bearings

Operating the lever on the handlebar of the machine you activate the belt pulley that puts in tension the belt placed between the engine abd the knife shaft, allowing its power transmission and rotation.. Releasing the knife lever the knife shaft stops the rotation without turning off the engine.

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