Jeremy 70cm is a towed scarifier suitable for equipping lawn tractors and ATVs.


  • Convenient height adjustment system
  • Lever that comes close to the tractor seat (easier actuation)
  • Motor in the central part of the machine
  • Pivoting drawbar in 2 positions to ensure the coupling with any type of tractor
  • 4 wheels with metallic circle (2 front swivel of 360 ° + 2 rear)
  • Cutting-belt drive system pulls
  • Tree oscillating movable knives
  • Knives shaft in hardened steel movable knives: 2.5 mm standard / 1.2 mm optional


  • Single box: 98x90 cm h 63
  • Pallet consists of 3 boxes: 98x90 cm h 204

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Jeremy's working system

The best solutions to treat turfs without damaging them

Each knife has a side spring that holds it in vertical position. This aspect ensures precise vertical cut, however, preventing violent impact against rocks, stones, roots of trees on the surface ...

albero sistema di taglio

The shaft of the cutting system is completely in stainless steel and the exposed parts are galvanized, thus ensuring a longer life.
The axis is in the steel, to form square-section, with a side of 45 mm.

Powerful and reliable engines

Jeremy is equipped with the best engines in the market perfectly dimensioned for these machine.

The engine is in central position. Ensure machine stability


Rotor shaft with belt drive-system on bearing

trasmissione coppia di cinghie arieggiatore jeremy

Wheels with metal hubs. 
The wheels are equipped with ball bearings and are mounted on a board of 20 mm in diameter.

ruote pirotettanti frontali arieggiatore trainato jeremy agrinova


Le ruote piroettanti frontali per manovrare con facilità l'arieggiatore Jeremy

Easy screw operated depth adjustment

The handlebar comes close to the operator's seat(easy action)

comando regolazione altezza arieggiatore trattorino
leva arieggiatore trainato Jeremy di comando

By operating the handlerbar while you are sitting on the quad/tractor seat, the machine is lifted and the blades do not touch the ground. In this postiion the blades are also disconnected from engine power.

Coupling system to lawn tractor

Jeremy in action

Always at your disposal

You can count on a "person to person" service to find the solution you are looking for

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