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Jeff power rake is ideal for work on normal and large garden and for renting.

Why is it important to scarify?

When the accumulation of the compact dried grass layer becomes excessive, it grass protection function is reduced and restricts its oxygen input, its irrigation and root fertilization preventing chlorophyl photosynthesis: and this leaves the grass look yellow and exposed to disease and parasites. The Agrinova range of verticuts, help to restore the natural grass barriers, excess comact dried grass layer is removed, and the topsoil is broken up, and a new area for grass resowing is created, the cut grass is removed and can be collected into sacks (supplied as optionals).

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Look Jeff working

Screw-operated depth adjustement

Oscillating front wheel axle for perfect adherence to the ground

Shaft with mobile blades

This solution improves the machine performance by maximizing the result and minimizes damage to the knife in contact with hard objects (stones, pieces of metal, concrete edges, etc.)

col sottili ari00001 Standard thickness blades: 2,5 mm

The best engines on the market

Jeff is equipped with the best engines on the market: Subaru, Honda, Briggs & Stratton

Easy to transport, even by a car

Collection bag (optional)

Wheels with metal hubs (optional)

technical information

Also available in red (RAL 3001)


Mod packaging. 38 cm Working

  • single box: 66x53 cm h 63
  • pallet consists of 6 boxes: 120x80 cm h 210

Mod packaging. 45 cm Working

  • single box: 62x67 cm h 66
  • pallet consists of four boxes: 126x80 cm h 150

Mod packaging. 60 cm Working

  • Single box: 75x67 cm h 66
  • Pallet consists of four boxes: 136x80 cm h 150

Always at your disposal

You can count on a "person to person" service to find the solution you are looking for

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