Thanks to its small size is the tool customized for the hobbyist


  • easy height adjustment system
  • blade control lever
  • industrial bearings
  • wheel diameter 200 mm
  • cutting-belt drive system pulls
  • fixed knives

Why is it important to scarify

When the accumulation of the compact dried grass layer becomes excessive, it grass protection function is reduced and restricts its oxygen input, its irrigation and root fertilization preventing chlorophyl photosynthesis: and this leaves the grass look yellow and exposed to disease and parasites. The Agrinova range of verticuts, help to restore the natural grass barriers, excess comact dried grass layer is removed, and the topsoil is broken up, and a new area for grass resowing is created, the cut grass is removed and can be collected into sacks (supplied as optionals). 

reduced packaging size:

  • single box: 60 cm x 60 h 60
  • pallet consists of 6 boxes: 60x120 cm h 195

Industrial bearings

The shaft is mounted on industrial bearings of high quality heavy and smoothness

Particular of the knives

Shaft fixed knives on axle with hexagonal section

Plastic wheels durable 20 cm diameter

Union handlebars of the handle

Easy height adjustment system

Belt drive system

Technical sheet

technical sheet for scarifier Jane

Engine B&S serie E550
Starting system recoil
Working width 40 cm
Working system fix blades
Drive system 1 SPZ section V-belt from engine to reel
Number of blades 8
Spacing between blades 40 mm
Blades material hardened steel
Blades thickness 2,5 mm
Weight 35 kg
Wheels 4 plastic
Frame construction Steel
Wheels with metal hubs no
Collecting bag no

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