AGRINOVA s.r.l. –  Production and design of machines for agriculture and gardening
Via XXIV Maggio, 26 – 35010 CURTAROLO (PD) Italy – P.I.: IT04095710283
Tel. +39 049 5742645 Fax +39 049 5742646 

The headquarters of Agrinova is in a very favorable geographical position. We are in fact in the heart of the North-East of Italy, in the province of Padua, in an industrial hub of  mechanical companies, where we can easily find partners who assist us and joined by in the various production processes.

We are only 30 km from Venice, with its important "MarcoPolo" airport and the commercial seaport, and also we are close to one of the main Italian motorways.

Furthermore, within a radius of about 100 km, there are the seats of many other manufacturers of garden, agriculture and cleaning equipement; This allows us to optimize the transport costs of our customers.

Always at your disposal

You can count on a "person to person" service to find the solution you are looking for

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