Olysse truck loaders- PROline

Olysse is designed to be installed on the rear wall of a truck of medium and large size.Olysse is commonly used by companies that deal with the cleaning of the city, urban green areas, parking, motorway rest areas.Each company has its own power and its own equipment and therefore different needs. Agrinova is able to supply very quickly and at…

Oswald Vacuum Cleaner – Proline

Oswald Vacuum Cleaner have been designed to meet the requirements of people wanting to clean large gardens full of leaves, but, given its structural specifications, It can also be used for cleaning parks and large areas. In facr, other than leaves, It can also suck up cans, waste paper, ect.The distinguishing features of these machines are their self-propulsion system, which…

Ossian Trolley Vacuum Cleaner

EngineHonda GX25T Air cooled 4 stroke,  OHCDisplacement25 ccNet Power Output1.0 Hp (.72KW) 7,000 rpmCarburatorDiaphragm-type (overflow return)Ignition systemTransistorized MagnetoStarting System RecoilOil capacity80 ccFuelunleaded 86 octane of higherFuel tank capacity0.58 literHose diameter  12,5 cmHopper capacity50 litters


Per trasformare Oswald aspirafoglie in un sistema aspirante completo 11 Optionals che rendono l’aspirafoglie Oswald un vero “sistema aspirante” Sono disponibili due tipi di sacco Sacco per foglie secche ( di serie) – Capacità 230 Lt Sacco per foglie umide/bagnate – Capacità 230 Lt

Otto Truck Loader

OTTO truck loader  is the ideal machines for cleaning large areas such as parks, public gardens, streets cleaning them from the leaves and all the light waste that can be found in such places as papers, cans, bottles, etc. OTTO truck loader  is designed to be easily attached to any side of the truck and to download the dirt directly into…