Per trasformare Oswald aspirafoglie in un sistema aspirante completo

11 Optionals che rendono l'aspirafoglie Oswald un vero "sistema aspirante"

Sono disponibili due tipi di sacco

Sacco per foglie secche ( di serie) - Capacità 230 Lt

Sacco per foglie umide/bagnate - Capacità 230 Lt

Kit cover anti Polvere per quando si lavora in ambienti particolarmente polverosi – si tratta di una cover che fa scaricare a terra la polvere

Accessories for Oswald vacuum cleaner

Oswald vacuum cleaners can be equipped with the following accessories:

Suction hose kit

With one simple operationthe front suction opening can be dismantled from the machine and the suction tube inserted. With this appliance, awkward spots such as flowerbeds, steps, manhole covers, the buttoms of trees with low-hanging branches, ect. can be reached.

The suction hose kit is available in three versions:

  • PVC hose, diameter 100 mm lenght 4 mt
  • PVC hose, diameter 180 mm lenght 5 mt
  • Polyurethane hose, diameter 180 mm length of 5 meters. This type of tube is particularly light and flexible.

Hose blower kit

By replacing the standard tube that connects the turbine to the sack with the one in this you can make use of the air flow obtain a tube blower. The tube is 4 mt long in pvc and as a diameter of 100 mm.

Fixed blower Kit

With this kit the suction unit is converted into a side or front blower. Simply remove the polyethylene suction opening (and replace with the grid provided), turn the two scrolls sideways. The discharge tube on the scrolls will be replacedwith the directional vent opening provided.

Not available for models with side brush.

Gravel kit

Pushing the machine across yards that are not paved on phorphyry or on gravel could get tricky. With this pneumatic  tyred wheel you can get over small steps and uneven terrain.

Bag support trolley

When working on slopes or when the material sucked up is very heavy, the centre of gravity of the machine - with the bag full - moves backwards and the front section could lift up. With the base of the bag resting on this trolley the problem is solved.

Disposable bag kit

This kit allows you to gather the leaves sucked up directly into a disposable, biodegradable bag.

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