Zeffira - Wood Chipper

Professional wood chipper Zeffira Pro Line , Made in Italy.
Zeffira is the smallest wood chipper within the Agrinova range. It’s powerfull, compact and easy to move.
Zeffira is the perfect wood chipper for professional and private users searching for a product not only capable of exellent performance, but also compact and easy to use.

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Hydraulic Roller:
this is a 170 mm toothed steel roller placed at the end of the hopper and just before the cutting system. Its function is to drag the material to be crushed from the hopper to the cutting system.

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No-Stress Option: The No-Stress system is a device designed to preserve the engine from excessive stress caused by the cutting of very hard or large diameter material, the processing of which absorbs much power. The No-Stress system includes the total or partial hour meter.

Cutting system: Cutting device with long-life knives 12 hammer.

Cutting system: Zeffira Wood Chippers are equipped with a cutting system composed by a metal disc having a thickness of 10 mm and a diameter of 38 cm on which are mounted, at the front, two blades carrying out an initial reduction of the material to be shredded; while in the back are mounted two set of hammers, 12 in total, which have the function of pulping and further reduce the material to be chipped, In the rear part are also mounted some pallets which create air to push the shredded material out of the machine through the discharge tube.

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Infeed hopper: The wide feeding hopper facilitate the insertion of the material that has to be shredded (even leafy material like olive tree branches).
Hopper size: 700 x 520 mm at the entrance. 182 x 140 mm in the cutting area

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Double belt transmission system with centrifugal clutch

Wide infeed hopper

Discharge curve (optional)

Hydraulic feeding roller

Foldable infeed hopper

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Technical Details

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Animation 360°

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Zeffira also available for Tractor


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