Zeltra - Trituradora profesional para Tractor

Trituradora profesional Zeltra, para Tractor min 22 hp (540 rpm).
También para el corte de material fibroso como la poda de la palmera. Agrinova máquinas diseñadas para durar en el tiempo.
Zeltra es una máquina muy confiable, fácil de usar y muy fácil de mantener.

Richiesta di preventivo per Zeltra - Trituradora profesional para Tractor

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divisore tronchi biotrituratore 1


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Cutting system: CUTTING DEVICE WITH HIGH QUALITY KNIVES , cm 11 cutting performance. The shredding takes place through a cutting system made up of a very robust and large (600 mm – 20 mm thick) disk on which two high-quality steel blades are mounted to allow cutting material up to 11 cm in diameter.

Option ANTI-STRESS: The anti-stress system is an electronic device that aims to preserve the engine from excessive stress caused by the cutting of very hard or large diameter material, the processing of which absorbs much power.

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Cutting system easy to mantain: A sliding door on the top of the cutting handle allows quick access to the cutting system, minimizing the intervention time and allowing the operator to work comfortably and safely

Inserting the pruning facilitated with hydraulic roller: This is a 180 mm diameter steel roller placed at the end of the hopper and just before the cutting system. Its function is to drag the material to be crushed inside the cutting system.

Zeltra trattore

Feeding hopper: The large feeding hopper that is kept wide to the cutting point allows easy shredding of particularly leafy material like olive pruning

Hopper size: 700 x 550 mm at the boiler, 206 x 180 mm in the cutting area

HANDLING SYSTEM: On 4 pneumatic wheels (two steering wheels)

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Zeltra can be equipped with a particular sieve that allows to graduate the shredded material in output in order to obtain a chip of the ideal size to supply the purposes of many types of biomass boilers

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Packaging Size

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Box on a pallet: 150 x 105 x h 210 cm

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Animation 360°

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