Oswald Prosumer è la versione più economica di Oswald Proline aspirafoglie

Stesso potere di aspirazione, ma alcuni interessanti accorgimenti per ridurre il prezzo senza compromettere la qualità


Ecco le principali differenze rispetto al modello Oswald Proline


Ruote gommate piene

Ruote Pneumatiche

Trasmissione a pignone di trascinamento : il moto viene trasmesso portando a contatto la ruota a contatto con un pignone di trascinamento

Il differenziale viene impiegato in questo modello per aumentare la manovrabilità : in fase di sterzatura ruota destra e sinistra hanno la possibilità di girare a velocità differenti

Oswald Vaccum Cleaner have been designed to meet the requirements of people wanting to clean large gardens full of leaves, but, given its structural specifications, It can also be used for cleaning parks and large areas. In facr, other than leaves, It can also suck up cans, waste paper, ect.

The distinguishing features of these machines are their self-propulsion system, which allows you to work effortlessly, even on sloped terrains, and top-loading of the sack to ensure that It filled completely.


  • Total filling the bag
  • suction height adjustment on 6 levels
  • Full rubber tyred wheels
  • Pinion drive transmission: motion is transmitted by bringing the wheel into contact with a costantly turning grooved pinion
  • Optional shredding impeller
  • The designed of the polyethylene suction opening has been designed to facilitate the flow of leaves.
  • The impeller have 4 blades made in 4 mm steel.
  • Scrolls obtained by pressing 2 mm sheet metal
  • Frontal swivel wheel

Pckage dimensions:

  • single box: cm 79x69 h 72
  • full pallet composed by 4 boxes : cm 140x80 h 160

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